Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I lost interest in atheism

I tend to get super interested in things in phases. It's usually something I don't like or I'm not comfortable around and usually avoid. Then the thing appears in a new and different light and I want to learn more. Then I LEARN ALL THE DETAILS AND HISTORY EVAH. Then the obsession wears off and I get into something else.

For a while I was into learning about people who had no religion and didn't believe in any spiritual beings. I'm very into fantasy and not-material things so I didn't think I could relate to that mindset. But in some ways I relate a lot because I tend to be very cynical and prefer a rational explanation instead of a supernatural one.

Even when I was at a Christian college, I was always thinking, "You really heard the voice of God telling you to study abroad? Really? Because it sure sounds like you just really want to study abroad. Just freakin' own it already!"

I'm really glad I learned about atheists because the stereotypes about them are THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF TRUE. I cringe now when I read any piece by a religious person describing what "atheists" believe.

They aren't angry at God. FIRST BECAUSE THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN DEITIES LIKE THAT'S BASICALLY THE DEFINITION OF ATHEISM DUH. However, they might object very strongly to belief systems that revere a character who's actions are petty and vengeful.

They do believe very strongly in morality. They just draw their morals from history and what we know about human behavior. Also, the Bible is not the only place or even the greatest place to go for morality.


Those are just some of the things I learned about atheists. But I don't think it's a belief system that really describes the way I feel.

Eventually I got bored with learning about atheism, but for a reason that probably makes a lot of sense to most atheists. All atheism is is a lack of belief in a deity or deities. It doesn't tell you anything about what a person is like, if they're nice or mean or boring or whatever. There are misogynist atheist trolls, and totally nice atheists out there.

So I don't think most of the important questions in life can be answered by deciding whether or not to believe in a deity. No matter how you answer the question, you still have to decide whether you're going to be a jerk to the person next to you. If you want to be a jerk, you can probably justify it either way. Either God hates the people you hate, or no God means you'll never get caught.

Overall I'm more interested in if you're a nice person and why you believe what you believe rather than what specific religion you follow. Or lack thereof.

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