Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kiyora Kanaru Miyajima cover

Edited: I found the correct furigana for the oyster restaurant so I'm changing the way I write it in the translations. The old reading was just my best guess. :P  The problem with names of things in kanji is that you can sort of read them how you want to, and the "correct" reading is the one used by the owner or creator.

So I'm reading through a manga I bought in Miyajima because, hey, more fun than a textbook! And I thought it would be a good motivator to post my progress on the blog and explain what's going on in the story.

I have no idea if an English version even exists. I've literally never seen this book anywhere else besides the gift shop on top of Mt. Misen on the island itself. In fact I'm pretty sure this book was created just to stick a bunch of Miyajima trivia in a paranormal high school romance. So if you're a fan of shoujou and sightseeing...this is the book for you?

With no further ado, here are the front and back covers:

題名 title
Kiyora Kanaru Miyajima

The birth of Miyajima’s first genuine love manga!

What is the outcome of Kiyora’s love?

Highlights of Miyajima
A full column included!

Text in manga image
O…nga kun?
The off-limits giant rice paddle


Text on back cover
世界中から多くの観客が ねる広島県廿日市市の"宮島”。宮島にある、紅葉まんじゅう屋“もみじ姫”の一人娘“きよら”は、同じくみやじまにすむ牡蠣料理屋“火鬼八”の息子"恩賀”に密かに思いを寄せている。きよらが恩賀との距離が縮まらずモヤモヤしていると、カラス天狗や弥山を守る三鬼、嚴島神社に祀られている三姫たちからあどばいすが。一途な思いを寄せるきよらの恋の行方は?

Miyajima: The city in Hatsukaiichi, Hiroshima prefecture where many travelers come from around the world. Kiyora, the only daughter of a momiji manju shop, has feelings for the son of the oyster restaurant (Kakiya), Onga, who also lives in Miyajima. As Kiyora is depressed over the distance between her and Onga, the crow spirit and the three demons that guard Misen, and the three princes enshrined in Itsukushima shrine give her advice. What will become of single-minded Kiyora’s love?
My notes: 

On the title: I asked my Japanese speaking friends, and it seems like Kanaru is most likely a character's name. The implied meaning is "Kiyora loves Kanaru." I'll have to wait and see if someone called that shows up...Manga and anime don't usually pronounce extra characters in the title. (For example, xxxHolic is just "Holic.") So I'm just calling the book "Kiyora Kanaru Miyajima."

Kiyora is a fairly standard name, but Onga is very unusual. I'm thinking that there might be some secret meaning or family history behind the name.

Momiji Manjuu (cakes shaped like maple leaves) and Kaki (oyster) are both famous foods from Miyajima. 

And finally: This is me by the giant rice paddle. (With カキ氷.) I, of course, did not climb over the fence. 

恩賀くん、一体何をやってるの?禁止だよ!Onga-kun, what on earth are you doing? It's prohibited!