Thursday, June 18, 2015

Part Time Job

So after nearly two months of being back and trolling Craig's List every week, I finally got a job! I'm a Sales Associate at Kohl's. I pretty much got the job because my friend Cassie is a manager there and put in a good word for me. But meh...I have no shame. At least half the jobs I've ever gotten have been because of knowing someone.

I started training last week and doing the registers myself this week. I've made plenty of bloopers because I'm not exactly quick at catching on. But I also got a lot of work done and helped a lot of people check out. One lady even signed up for a Kohl's charge card randomly. Haha. I don't even have any "asking people to sign up technique" or anything.

My next shift is on Friday, when I'll actually be covering a busy shift. I'm sure that's going to be way more stressful...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Archery Class

Last night I took my first archery class in ages! It was really low-key, which I liked. The instructor kind of reminded me of my coach in college.

Since this was the intermediate class, after a brief introduction we divided into a first line and second line and shot at about 9 yards. So when the other line was shooting, I was resting. Which seems like it would be boring, but personally I have zero energy so if I shoot continuously for an hour I get tired. So worked for me.

No targets yet so we just worked on the anchor and posture. I found it very relaxing to shoot blank bale and just try to get my hand in the same position each time. I've been in a rut lately with this bow, so I liked having some one on one instruction.

The best part is, they shop let me store my bow there in between lessons! Now I won't have to assemble it before class every time.