Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blog Hiatus and Pics from Japan

So last semester I had to create a blog on Wordpress as part of my homework. That's why I didn't make any updates to this one. However, I did want to get at least one post up during January since who knows what I'll be busy with once the semester really starts.

As people on Facebook already know, I spent ten days in Japan over break. And I was worried about so many things about this trip. One thing did really disappoint me, but in the end I don't think it was something I could have changed without being a fundamentally different person. Overall I saw many beautiful sights and had many cherished reunions with old friends.

Here are some of the best pictures I took on the trip.

A friendly robot at the ghibli museum

Kanazawa castle


The Atomic bomb dome in the snow

Miyajima Torii

Snow at the top of Mt. Misen

Todaiji (home of the giant Buddha statue) in Nara